The Keys to Help You Unlock Your Natural Fibroid Management

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Getting to the root causes of fibroids

If you're like most women, when you learn you have a fibroid(s) from your healthcare provider, they often offer surface-level solutions like the IUD or possibly surgery.

While these treatments may temporarily help with the reduction of symptoms, they don't address WHY fibroids are happening. 

When we don't work on the why, this leaves room for fibroids to potentially grow back after having them removed or to continue to grow even when taking medication for it. 


The Fibroid Code takes you through a 3-step- process 


That explores why fibroids happen and how you can go about managing them in a natural and wholistic way.


Here are the 3 pillars I walk women through in The Fibroid Code :

Pillar 1: Master Nutrition

Our day-to-day diet can be a big feeder of fibroid growth. Using food as medicine, will teach you which foods to consume more of and which ones to limit when on a fibroid healing journey.

Pillar 2: Digestion & Detox

Supporting liver and gut health is fundamental when addressing the hormonal factors that lead to fibroid growth.

Pillar 3: Manage Stress

High stress feeds fibroid growth and contributes to hormonal imbalances. Learning how to manage and walk with stress is critical.


A supplement and herbs guide outlining the ones I use in practice with my patients to help manage their fibroids

A private online community to share your experiences, wins and hurdles while on this fibroid healing journey

In just 8 weeks, The Fibroid Code will equip you with the knowledge and tools to help you along your fibroid healing journey.

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