In this 5-day masterclass you will learn: 


1. All the things you were never taught about your body, hormones and periods



2. How to optimize your cycles to get those pain- and PMS- free periods  


3. Actionable steps to change your period now 

If you're reading this, then chances are, you are annoyed by how your hormones are treating you.


You have: 


​painful periods

​heavy periods

​mood swings



​​low energy



​fertility struggles

The list can go on and on but you are over experiencing these symptoms and having them interrupt your life, self-confidence and the way you show up with your family, work and outside world. 




You're tired of getting brushed off by your family doctor or OB/Gyne and being told everything is “normal”. 




When...deep down, you KNOW something is off.


You want answers and want to understand what your options are to support your health as best as you can. 



It’s a common belief that PMS and period pain is normal 

when it isn’t.



Hormonal issues are NOT normal. 


The problem with the conventional way of doing things is that most of the time, it only looks at your reproductive system and attempts to remove symptoms with surface-level solutions like the pill, IUD or pain killers. 



Once you stop taking these things, your symptoms are more than likely to come back.



These things don’t get to the WHY

Nor does it show you HOW to truly get balanced hormones so things don’t come back. 


And our hormonal issues only get worse as we age if we don’t have the root causes dialed in. 




With the internet, things have gotten even more confusing. 


We look up solutions on google or maybe follow people on Facebook or Instagram that offer tips but all the information

 becomes overwhelming.




Many women are left asking themselves,

  “Where do I even start and will this work?”


If any of this has you nodding your head, thinking “yes, that’s me”— this is exactly, why I created this 5 day masterclass.


I want to share my method with as many women as I can because there really is an another way to help periods and hormones.   


This has become my life’s work- to show women that they have the power to heal their hormones and they don’t have to live in the period drama every month.

In this 5 day masterclass I will show you the most important steps to take to get better periods. These are the things I teach hundreds of my patients in my 1:1 private practice and in my VIP protocol the Hormone Reset Method. 

I want to help point you in the right direction, gain clarity and get results to have those better periods all women are hoping for. 



Let's do it

Here's what we'll cover: 

Lesson 1 

Hormones 101

  • What hormones are involved in your cycles 
  • ​What a normal cycle and period is SUPPOSED to look like 
  • ​What hormonal imbalances even mean and the different types
  • ​What blood and lab tests to run to understand how your hormones are doing
  • ​Which herbs and supplements optimize a women’s hormones for those perfect periods

Lesson 2

Inflammation Low-Down

  • Why tackling inflammation is so important for hormonal balance and perfect periods 
  • ​The connection between inflammation and period cramps, acne, fibroids and endometriosis
  • ​Learn what foods to eat to support your hormones
  • ​Is sugar bad for you?
  • ​Which nutritional deficiencies can be causing some of your period and PMS symptoms 
  • Supplement support for period cramps and pms

Lesson 3

Digestion & Detox 

  • Gut health- is your digestive system the reason for your period woes?
  • Learn what healthy digestion looks like and why it’s important for hormone detox 
  • The connection between alcohol and pms
  • ​Is coffee really bad for you? 
  • ​Environmental toxins that are messing your hormones
  • ​Detox supporting supplements 


Lesson 4 

Stress Less

  • How stress creates PMS and period problems
  • Everyday common habits we do that create stress that can create hormonal imbalances 
  • The connection b/w sleep, cravings and hormones
  • ​Effective strategies to manage stress
  • ​Stress supporting supplements

Lesson 5

Hormone Harmony 

  • Is hormonal birth control really the answer for PMS, period pain, fibroids, PCOS & endo?
  • Learn what other options are available outside of medication 
  • ​My approach to the most common hormone issues I see in practice: fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis and infertility    


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Who am I? 

I'm Dr.Steffe D'Ornellas, Naturopathic Doctor


After struggling with my own hormonal concerns,  I created a protocol to help other women get the hormones and periods they want without the confusion and reliance on monthly medication.

I've worked with hundreds of women in my private practice and The Hormone Reset Method and it excites me every-time to help a woman see the flip-side to her period struggles. 


I am looking forward to working together. 


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